There is something magical about an event held in a Marquee - a space that is built, stays up for one evening, and then disappears, only to live in people’s memory. It is almost like creating a mirage.

With marquees you have the best of both worlds – an event held outside, but protected from the elements. With improved technology, marquees are the perfect venues in which to create, as we are able to manipulate every element of the space. This means you are not limited by existing architecture, but have a blank canvas- a floor, four walls and a ceiling.

We are able to create the space to your exact specifications, designing the placement and style of entryways, the flow of the rooms, the vault of the ceiling. We are able to tailor the floors, ceiling and walls to our own interior design.
The blank canvas of a marquee provides endless decorating possibilities. The only restrictions are the limits of your imagination. They allow you to create your own world literally anywhere in the world.