My husband and I are entrepreneurs, and we do our best to instill the same work ethic within our children. Entrepreneurship in general and entrepreneurship on the African continent has been an interesting journey to which I am still navigating.

While Africa boasts the highest growth rate of female-run businesses globally, according to the World Bank, women continue to face unique challenges.

Life hasn’t always been easy navigating this beautiful continent of mine, but I am dedicated to forging forward. Business for female entrepreneurs, especially in the event space on the continent, has shown me the following hurdles are still rife and a constant stumbling block:

1. Lack of A Support Network

2. Finding the proper support (Female role models etc.)

3. Lack of funding – Start-ups in all parts of the world mostly have the issue of limited capital. Funding makes it necessary for them to get additional financing to execute business operations. Funding is limited in Africa, and access to such funding comes with a hefty price tag attached.

4. Internal self-limiting factors – This has a lot to do with how we’re socialized as girls and young women. We are not raised to be leaders, be assertive, ask for what we want, understand our value, or understand the kind of impact we can make.

5. Social Norms – Thanks to the patriarchal nature of our society, men are still seen as the traditional profile of a successful entrepreneur.

Infrastructure and Venue Options: Lack of choice and options within this regard forced me to build a hospitality venue – The Savannah. The Savannah is a multi-functional venue that doubles up as our headquarters. The venue is also available for rental.

With so many obstacles, I am delighted with my decision to move back to the continent. Regardless of its challenges, I am happy to be in the storm as the continent grows and takes center stage in the global arena where it belongs.


Tamara B Jonah