People often ask me how I balance being a wife, mother, and entrepreneur in the event industry, and the truth is, it’s not easy. Family day was celebrated internationally this year on the 15th of May. I missed the opportunity to highlight that topic, so today, we discuss life balance, which is extremely important for my family and me.

The theme of working long hours is assumed when it comes to event management. The consensus is that entering a career in event management may play a negative role in establishing a happy work-family balance. It’s something I have had to consider along the course of my career. Especially now with two kids and a partner who is also in the event arena.

Planners might work substantially more than 40 hours a week leading up to an event. During an event, hours can run from 5 AM to midnight. Weekend hours are typical as well. Throughout the years and various failed attempts reached a point where I have found somewhat of a “balance.” Though it’s not perfect, and sometimes I do find myself running on empty, the following tips and mantras help me achieve every elusive work/life balance:

1. Define your balance.
Work-life balance means different things for different people. So, the first step is to figure out your perfect balance.

2. Take care of yourself.
Get enough sleep, eat well, drink enough water, and stay active so that you have the energy to meet your work and personal life obligations

3. Set boundaries.
Set clear boundaries about when you are and aren’t available for your clients. Maybe this looks like setting specific in-office hours and laying out clear communication agreements with your team members. This way, when you’re at home, you can focus on family, friends, and self-care.

4. Limit evening work.
If you must work in the evening at home, try limiting that time to two nights a week. Try to offer these extended hours exclusively to clients who may be in different time zones or are unable to get away during their workday

5. Having an open line of communication with everyone in your life can play a significant role in your happiness and balance. If you make your family aware of the projects and events you are working on, they will be more likely to understand when you become busy or occupied at the office. Many times, issues arise in your work-life balance when you aren’t properly communicating. Finding the methods and communication tactics that work best for you will increase your productivity and overall well-being.

6. Take a Vacation
You should be sure to schedule your vacations and personal events to step away from work. Vacation days provide you with a chance to recharge and re-energize. More often than not, you will return your job well-rested and appreciative of the fabulous opportunities your work presents.

During these vacation days, you should do your best to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of your career

Love Always,

Tamara B Jonah