Photography by Amokwei Quarshie

Lionheart Events partnered with veteran champagne producer Dom Pèrignon to launch P2, the Second Plénitude of Dom Pèrignon, an offering with over sixteen years of maturation. Thirty guests, including footballers, dignitaries, and businessmen and women, were welcomed under the stars at the luxurious garden venue, The Savannah. The experience aimed to simulate the sensations of Dom Pérignon through an extended exploration of sights, sounds, and tastes.

The Dom Pérignon Vintage came to life through a series of spaces designed to accent the quality of P2. A long glass table with candlelit décor and string lights dancing above set the mood for a 5-course plated dinner created by critically acclaimed chef Fred Apaloo from Villa Grace. Co-branding with such dynamic vendors allowed us to create a luxury hospitality experience that catered to the needs of Dom Pérignon’s high-value clients in Accra, Ghana.

Lionheart Events brought to life a holistic and multi-sensorial experience through the innovative use of food and champagne pairing. We were able to engage clients through all five senses. Besides, showcasing an exceptional dinner menu the whole evening provided a unique and memorable lifestyle experience for its VIP guests