Hi there, and welcome to my little cyber corner on this big world wide web. It feels good to be introducing myself in this space, after all of this time— but this space is new, so let’s do this! I’ve been in the event planning industry for over 11 years, and I’m in love with events from the ideation stage to implementation.

Through my passion, I have been able to work on some of the most amazing projects with individuals and brands across the African continent. I started my education in Ghana and then boarding school in Switzerland and the UK. I became inspired by events when I pursued my graduate studies and earned an MA in Tourism and Hospitality, focusing on events.

I love the excitement and challenges of taking on an event, but what I love the most is interacting with new people and building relationships. I truly am a people person. Every single client and event are different, so my job presents an opportunity to create a new vision every day. Lionheart takes pride in creating unique events – and with that, our client’s stories become our stories. Everything that we do is tailor-made to our clients and the story that they want to tell. I invite you to join me in this space as we continue to bring stories to life.


Tamara B Jonah