Each year, we see trends evolving and then fading out. In an ever-changing culture where trends do come and go as quickly as they become relevant, it is essential to understand what exactly a trend is and how to apply it to the hospitality industry.

A trend speaks to the general direction in which something is developing or changing.
When it comes to creating events, the role of an event planner is to develop and innovate constantly. Though I tend to discourage designing around trends to keep the event timeless, personal, and relevant, Innovation is always vital to staying on top of global shifts in the wedding world.

Innovation has become the cornerstone of the event space, as individuals gravitate towards having more experiences rather than simply attending an event.

Clients today want to feel connected and desire experiential means to achieve togetherness. Today togetherness continues to be driven by the ever-growing presence and increase of social media.

When it comes to designing with trends, the focus should be on elevating and transcending. One of the best ways to understand today’s audience is to pay attention to past, current, and upcoming trends.

Having reviewed the trends of the last two years, below is what we can expect in the upcoming years.

Love Always,
Tamara B Jonah